Dr. Leslie Steele



Meet Dr. Leslie Steele, a distinguished veterinarian with a profound dedication to animal welfare and community service. Dr. Steele's journey in veterinary medicine began with a degree in Microbiology, laying a robust foundation for her subsequent endeavors at Auburn University College of Veterinary Medicine.

Upon relocating to the picturesque Low Country, Dr. Steele embarked on a transformative path, pioneering the esteemed Charleston Cat Clinic in Peninsular Charleston, where she served as the cornerstone of feline healthcare for an impressive nine years.

Today, Dr. Steele brings her wealth of experience and expertise to Advanced Animal Care, where she serves as a beacon of compassionate care. With a profound interest in internal medicine, soft tissue surgery, and feline medicine, Dr. Steele continues to elevate the standard of veterinary excellence within our practice.

I practice with the belief that rather than dominion over animals, humans have a responsibility to protect and provide for them. We use that mindset to enhance and maintain the pet-owner relationship.

Beyond her clinical responsibilities, Dr. Steele is a visionary leader, currently assuming the role of director at East Cooper Pet Relief (ECPR). As the driving force behind this noble endeavor, Dr. Steele spearheads efforts to provide essential care for feral and stray animals while implementing vital population control measures in the East Cooper area.

ECPR's mission centers on providing low-cost spay/neuter services and medical care for homeless animals, extending a lifeline to pets belonging to low-income families. Dr. Steele's unwavering commitment to animal welfare resonates throughout her professional and philanthropic endeavors, embodying the ethos of compassionate service and community empowerment.

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“Staff and Dr. Leslie were very genuine in their caring nature to our little girl Sara. They were thorough and explained every step they were performing for Sara and made us feel very welcoming and comfortable during the visit. Her first visit and it was excellent!’ - Gloria Blancato, Google Review, 9/13/22

“Very professional staff and doctors! Leslie Steele is the only vet I will take my cats to!” - Julianne Rivers Scott, 8/11/22