Fear Free Certified

What is Fear-free?

Is a concept that incorporates the thought of caring for the patient's emotional well-being when they come into our hospital. The vision behind the Fear Free movement is to reduce fear, anxiety, and stress (FAS) for your pet during their veterinary visit. We strongly believe that the veterinary experience for you and your pet should be a positive and enjoyable one. A Fear Free approach makes this possible. We assess every pet's fear, anxiety, and stress level then use a multi-faceted approach to ensure their experience is as positive as possible. Why? Every negative experience your pet has makes future visits for them (and you) more stressful. This impairs our ability to provide the excellent medical care we know you and your pet deserve.

Why is Fear Free Certification Important?

Because we care about your pet's well-being physically, and emotionally, we have gone through extra training and certification to learn how to help our patients deal with emotional distress in a veterinary setting. Having a Fear Free certification for staff members of our hospital means they have gone through rigorous training and evaluation and passed. They have the best tools to support your pet.

If you feel your pet has anxiety during their vet visit, including the car ride, please reach out to us to discuss options prior to your pet's next visit at (843) 483-5838 . 

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